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Do you feel that something is changing between you and your dear one to the worse? Did your friend or husband start to spend more time at work, run on a regular run, care more about himself than ever before, or, with more and more frequent quarrels, cast the word "gauge"? Is he grumpy and is negatively committed to solving the problems of your relationship and household? Then it is understandable that you have already wondered if it will not shake you. Do you know how to know the man's infidelity? Below we have prepared 5 signals for you, which you should definitely not underestimate.


1. Excessively cares for himself

At other times, a comfortable "daddy" suddenly gets up about half an hour before she gets a shower in the morning, smells like a new high-quality perfume, and before going to bed she goes unusually jerky to lose weight and work on fitness? He also watches food, and instead of a popular goulash, six are the preferred Caesar salad? Only a few women would not be suspected of such radical changes in their lifestyle. The solution is only one - sit together and try to figure out smartly whether he has caught his nose and wants to live healthier for himself and for you, or because there is a third "motivation" for it.


2. At the end of the gossip, he mentions the possibility of splitting

Not only does a lot of conflicts and quarrels grow between you, but also the intensity that begins to attack an untenable threshold. Airplanes fly swearing, insults, reproaches, and "dirty laundry" from the past. From the partner side, more and more often, at the end of these stormy exchanges of views, you hear the words about possible divorce, splitting and remarks, "whether it would be better if everyone went their own way," and so on. Beware, beware, this could be a signal that your dear one has already seen an alternative, and rather than repairing the existing relationship with you, a new story would begin to live. Somewhere else and with someone else.


3. It does not have time

A more frequent pub with friends, overtime, football, unusual business trips, and generally lack of time spent with you. If your husband or boyfriend has not just changed his job and his workload is so in order to keep your "good stain" real, beware. It is quite possible that you have fallen into its ranking of priorities and the pence of time that previously belonged exclusively to you may now be divided between two women. And his mother does not really think that.


4. Password-protected phone

Have you, for years, been based on the unwavering confidence that you could have leased one from another without finding anything suspicious in the news? Then it will stop you when your counterpart suddenly changes the Facebook password, encrypts the phone, or completely "cleanses" it. This means that it clears all messages and call history with the users of the ladies. This behavior, in the vast majority of cases, does not go unreasonably, and points to the potential man's nervousness that his affair is overwhelming.


5. Bad experience from the past: Everybody can make a mistake but it is necessary to learn them

He has deceived you in the past. It ruined (how else?), You forgave him and for a while it was all right. Your partner has begun to appreciate you, "cut latin", spend every free time with you and include gifts. Just. From love. Because you are. And suddenly everything turned 360 degrees and the situation began to unpleasantly remind you of the state you had learned years ago about his hips. You should definitely not take it lightly and check whether his claim to the pub with friends and overcases is true or simple excuses. Just as it is called "Missing Human, Forgiving Divine," one must also take into account another, many-generationally confirmed thesis: "Whoever cheats once, seldom has the problem to cheat again."