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Boredom, boring, gray, gray. Only a very small percentage of relationships can preserve their initial love, passion and related adrenaline throughout their lifetime. The stereotype is omnipresent, and it is difficult to avoid it in everyday life. Below we have prepared 3 tips to help you deal with the boredom of relationships and the biggest stereotypes that the longer cohabitation of two people across the company inexorably scraps. And beware - in the following text, both women and men will find themselves.


1. Sex: Spin as young!

Sex can by no means be regarded as the most important ingredient of a satisfied partnership relationship, but the importance of physical needs can not be reduced to the bottom. Throw away limiting prejudices for your head and do not be afraid to diversify your sexual life. Why limit yourself to a double-moon bed class, when you can go out for a weekend wellness stay or for nature, where you can either wake up the memories of a thrilling youth, or you finally venture out and experience something completely new. Experimenting is also very good in home conditions. Just buy a bottle of good wine, seductive clothes, light candles and let yourself be carried away with a passion of passion. Believe it or not, even at first glance, a prick will probably do with your "boring" wondrous relationship!


2. Your own interests will not delay you, or vice versa!

As well as the need for shared interests and activities that you make with your darling together for the satisfactory operation of the relationship, each partner should be able to relax from time to time. Squash with a colleague from work, beer, wine or kafíček with friends, reading or running. It does not matter. But it is a matter of not being 100% free time bound to the other and relaxing and thinking with yourself, or talking to someone out of the ordinary about common problems. Plus, without worrying that it will be read out in the first argument. Separately spent time adds one more advantage - a narrative theme. When you go to dinner at night, you will certainly have something to talk about. Together. Together.


3. What at home?

Weekend comfort in the comfortable area of ​​your own house or apartment is fine, but only if you do not give it to you week after week. Do you remember, for example, when did you last pack up, the children entrusted to their grandmother's temporary care and set off on a mountain, wellness weekend, in Rome, or just for a bicycle or a tent? If not, do not hesitate to book your air tickets, accommodation, arrange an appointment and enjoy an adventure and active rest in the shortest possible time. In addition, if you are a former born, do not worry about traveling in the trail of the past. Such a hike trip, where you spent the first holiday together in twenty in field conditions, promises a real adventure on the one hand, and awakened memories, passion and adrenaline on the other. Try it! You will not regret.


4. Surprise yourself!

The teenage years are gone, the first "crackling" has faded years ago and you do not know how to break out of the ubiquitous, boring stereotype of everyday life. Keep in mind, however, that age is, to some extent, only a number. The very fact that you are no longer eighteen does not limit you to picking up your ass and surprising your partner or partner. Like a young man. Creativity in this respect does not really limit the limits. Whether you're a dream man to make a theater ticket to your favorite girl's play, just give her a nice puget for love, or as an ideal partner after having a great dinner, you will be preparing your wife in the middle of a week of surprise in the form of a new erotic garment you will be transformed, definitely will revive your stereotypical relationship and contribute to mutual harmony. At least for a while. Stereotype and boredom, after all, really interfere with every cohabitation of men and women. In what intensity and for how long, it matters only to us.