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Submissive slave girl

In spite of emancipation and desire to be dominant, every girl sometimes desires in bed for the total devotion of a strong man, whom the respect radiates from every pore on the body. Councils are giving a charismatic, experienced lover who brings them to orgasm without having to whisper or whisper. "We love when a guy knows what he is doing and makes it clear that he does not need to talk about it. At first he is losing uncertainty, but once he can prove that he is the boss here and knows how to please the woman, we are happy to let him go.


Luxurious escort

Interestingly, the idea of ​​a fancy prostitute who feeds on money and earns big money has ranked second in the ranking ... Perhaps this is related to the fact that prostitution is an eternal craft.


Sex in public

One hundred people, one hundred tastes. But just one taste and fantasy, it is quite normal for women. Sex in public, in places where a partner would not have expected it, or even a speedboy, with an unknown man they had casually met. The more public, the better. A parking lot, elevator, or table in the restaurant we are just dining for is one of the most exciting ideas.


With a younger man

Ladies who have their partner's elderly at home often attract the idea of ​​loving with a younger bunny. And those who have a younger one, perhaps even younger ... A non-dying notion that brings pleasure in the seduction of the "innocent" and initiating it into the mysteries of bodily love. This idea suits many of the "bunny", so we can also find common excitement here.


Sex with a boy

We are not in American film, but their scenarios must come from a female head. Baby, the advice is devoted to the idea of ​​a purely girly evening, which ends in an extremely embarrassing blow under a common blanket. "Babies intimacy is a place where the guy has no place, whether it's just about intimate interviews about ideas or experiences, or discovering new ones." Kopa's girlfriends have some kind of playing with a friend, others get to a certain limit.



Women's fantasy is really endless, they're having sex with someone who does not even know it. The colleague at work that ignores us a little is like an aphrodisiac. We want to get him out of that scented iron shirt and sit down on him while he's working. His office suddenly becomes the most sexy place to fill our inner fantasies.


With more men

Although this concept is "suffering" by most women, they rarely realize it. Even because men tend to dream about group sex where women predominate.



Thus, as women can be relentless and dominant, they can imagine how they fulfill one another's requests. On a table in the living room, on the kitchen, on the floor in the bedroom. Waiting for what our partner will do to us, without knowing it, women get into ecstasy. A dominant man who is not afraid of any desire is the dream of a woman.


Celebrity sex

They are not men who go to Madonna, Britney Spears or Shakira at concerts. They are women waiting in front of the hotel and in front of the halls of the concert halls to catch Bon Jovi or the Lunetic boys, offer them and spend the night with the knowledge that they are neither the first nor the last. They are women who, even at the advanced retirement age of SAP after Karel Gott, throw at Dan Hulka. Women just want to taste what it is like to be in bed with a successful man who has so many women that his performances in bed must resemble a refined Spanish corridor, in which eventually every woman with a wild scream will succumb. But few will do it-and at least eat.


A mysterious stranger

In today's world, it is extremely dangerous to go head-to-head in the arms and the bed completely strange guy, yet many ladies just about that dreams. A prince with a perfect body, living opposite, who does not have the curtains and walks around the apartment as the Lord created him. Random dating at the café, an invitation to another coffee that ends with passionate love without any hindrance or unnecessary information such as surname or marital status. "It's romantic and a little bit stranded, most of us never go to it, but this idea is extremely attractive to us just because we do not do it, it's a madness that women's libido sometimes needs," explains this friend and we have to add that we understand it quite clearly. We struggle with similar desires everyday.


Sex in front of others

Again there are aspects of group sex and sex from coercion. Women just want to be the center of attention, giving their femininity and perceiving how others look through the curves of their body (women envious, excited men). Sex in the eyes of others, in which it is obvious, how much interest a woman is and how she is dishonest, is, for many women, simply the most appealing idea. Maybe because it rarely succeeds in realizing it. We also need to mention the fact that some of the women in this situation are the opposite - they do not interfere with the fact that someone is watching them, but that someone is caught in this unfair activity. Really devilish!


Forbidden friends

Did you even have your own sexual fantasies in which your ex, your boss or your male friend appeared? You do not have to worry. Human imagination from mysterious causes works by making the "forbidden object" the stronger the imagination. The syndrome I want to have what I can not have is very strong in sex. In fact, imagining "forbidden" partners means that you may have found a partner in a sexual stereotype and are looking for change. However, that does not mean that you are thrown to your neighbor, but rather trying to spice up your own sexual life.