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Not all of these things work for everyone. We are different and each one helps something different. But good, if you try at least. Of course, one can not forget the day out. Every gauge is heavy. It is said, "In one year of relationship, one month I cry." Try to avoid it, eventually it is so overwhelmed.



Do not hang yourself at home, it does not make sense. You do not punish anyone, just yourself. At the same time, you help yourself to move on and start living life again. To be alone, ancestors do not mean to be lonely. You have friends and family, so long as you can.


Talk to friends

Everyone wants to have around them people who will help and thanks who will feel better. Surrounding with understanding and supporting friends or family members will help you see yourself as a valuable being. This will help you to get up on your feet before.


Tangible memories

Throw away all photos, plush toys, gifts. Or donate to someone. Out of sight, out of mind. Why store them? For your future kid? Do you see how happy you once were and then disappointed? Of course, it is difficult, but also the postponement or ejection of memories, healing healing.



This is the stage of the breakdown where you want to scream because you no longer have where to store the accumulated anger and fury. The intensity of this phase of the breakdown depends primarily on how difficult the gauge was and on the circumstances that stretched the gauge to the final end. You can experience feelings when you realize that the gait is unavoidable, you can feel angry with yourself or with your ex-boyfriend. Always try to turn this anger into something useful, go for a run or exercise, but do not try to keep the anger inside.



After breaking, it is best to break all contacts. Still blindly, do you think you'll put it together again? Silly, even if it was in the future. Take time for yourself, set your thoughts and feelings. There was some reason why it happened when you broke up. With unnecessary shaking and calling, you are hurting each other. If this does not happen, by interrupting communication, it will at least help yourself to close this chapter of life earlier.



Are you playing an extraordinarily strong personality, which is the day after the break, as if nothing happened? Emotion suppression will hurt you more than it will help. Enchant yourself, push yourself. Of course, you do not have to walk down a street with a bowed head or break up the interpretations. But at home, you have plenty of room for a free passage of emotion.


Keep your distance

Even if you have agreed to remain friends. You completely break the bonds right after your break. This means that you stop seeing, stop calling and invent new and new reasons for dialing her / her number. No sms, emails or facebook. Unfortunately it means breaking the contact with her / his family, which would always remind him / her. But all this for a limited period of time until you realize that with your former partner you are able to encounter and talk and talk normally.


New relationship

Wait. Do not rush to a new relationship right now. In this case, the "wedge with a wedge drains" does not apply. You need time to deal with it. Sort of your thoughts, you will come to what you really want. Otherwise, you risk, two things - that you will not be yourself, and that you will transfer things from the previous relationship.


Make up for the pain

Often times, it is entirely up to you to feel that you have all gone wrong, that it is all your fault. Acceptance of responsibility is healthy, but on the other hand you must also accept the fact that you are a good person and that you have done the most. And certainly you are not the only one who made mistakes in the relationship. Adopting oneself is the key to the ability to move on and start over again. However, with the help of alcohol, do not try to forget, it has never helped anyone.


Riding for love

Do not step below your level. Do not attract someone who does not love you anymore. Later, you will say that you are embarrassed for someone who does not care about it at all. It is understandable that such rejection is extremely difficult, but it is also extremely effective and curative.


We will be friends

If there is a hall of toxic speeches, this sentence has its place of honor in it. Are you asking why? Well, because! When you are dating, you spend time together, you love, you share your secrets and the most secret part of yourself, then you can not just say, "Well, we broke up, but stay friends." Why? One another, you promise to pretend nothing has happened. Again, we are in denial that prevents healing from the break. And you do not want to.