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What can all men see you just to be cool? Let's look at it as a guy tries to save his skin.


1. We have at least one lie in common

We are the number of previous sexual partners. While men tend to double the real number, women will decrease the actual cipher. In our society, a tender sex with a rich love experience is still perceived in any way, but not flattering.


2. I'm at home for a while

Time is defined as the time between 5-10 minutes. In men, it means 1-5 hours. Get used to the fact that when the guy calls you to be home for a while, you do not have to wait for him an hour earlier.


3. I will call / write to you

No, she does not call because she forgets. The men have so many worries and responsibilities in the head that we women handle the left rear, but the guy is a heavy burden and hence forgets to pick up the cellphone for the whole thing and call / write to you. Do not worry about it, men simply can not handle as many things as we women at the same time.


4. I want a serious relationship, I'm not just about sex

This is a sentence the guy says, because he thinks he's easier to get into your pants. Yes, we are sometimes naive, but not so. We know what men mean seriously and what they do not. Leave it to yourself when you have the other plan for one night at least try well.


5. I hate art and sculpture

Ha, ha, ha. Perhaps you would not really want to spend the rest of your life with this woman, but you will surely like to look at the big solid plastic breasts. And you will not be alien, one night spent with that barbie.


6. There were only guys

Yes, of course, would you say that there were only guys in the whole bar or in town? I guess that will not happen in the movie. The guy says anything but to have peace. But baby do not make yourself angry because it was in the company of other women does not mean that you have to be tied up. And flirting with the high probability, he flirted. But it belongs to the guys, it does not change you just have to go with it and mainly trust it!


7. I'm probably dying

In fact, he sits down on the couch and has a cough and a soplic. Male lethal disease. Women, just smile, make tea and regret it.


8. Love that lunch is great

Not always you enjoy excellent food, you are not perfect. A man of general peace and peace in the family will not tell you anything other than "It was great gold!", Even though it really got it cold.


9. You lost

He wants something from you. This is what the guy tells you only when he wants sex or something else that you would not otherwise allow him to do.


10. I'm on my way

This is closely related to point 1. When you call him when he comes home because he says he's "in a while" home and an hour has passed. Usually, men are responsible for another "I'm on the way" lie, and they're actually somewhere in the gym, mom, beer,


11. It was not much

Having a 3D TV with a diagonal of one and a half meters is great, but when you think about what you pay for the heating and electricity for the given month, it will not be a great pleasure. And if you are wondering if it really was important to have this at home, then it will be answered that it was not expensive.


12. It can not be fixed

"Can not be" is better spoken as "I do not know". The fact that others would not know does not say it. It's simply not possible.


13. This can be done, it's a little thing

First of all, he deceives himself. The man really believes he can do it. This is confirmed by one study, which found that two of the three men are convinced that they could land on an airplane in an emergency. It's really admirable. Where does this huge self-esteem take in a stronger sex? Evolution may seem to be the case. Stronger takes everything. And all the females.


14. "He's dismissed at work, but do not worry, he will not throw me away"

Many men still feel unmistakable. They lie to save us from worries. But these lies can destroy the very feeling of trust.


15. "Sorry, sorry for me. It will not happen more, "

In fact, they do not know what to mislead him and why you are doing so. He just feels the idea of ​​having sex again in the evening.