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Ladies, correctly aligning outfit colors with all fashion accessories and boots is clearly a tricky and important task. But it is clear to the sun that without a modern hairstyle you will never look as stylish as you wish. So pay attention to current trends, which are almost constantly changing. Here are 5 tips for success in 2018.


1. Mikado

Short hair roughly halfway to the neck is guaranteed to attract attention in any variety of adjustments and colors. It is important to let all the hair cut to the same length and then just decide whether you choose a smooth or embossed style.


2. Pixie

If you prefer short cuts, you can try a so-called Pixie Edge that can be transformed into a variety of styling styles in a variety of hairstyle trends. An intriguing element of virtually any hairstyle can be slightly unobtrusive colorful melodies, but nothing spurious.


3. Curls

Long, short, blond and red, all hair looks pretty curly. Thoughts on the iron go out of the head, curls will govern both this year's show moths and the streets of every city.


4. Strobe blond

If we dabbled in the colors, this year will surely dominate the shades of blond, but the lighter, the better. You can make the silver to white shades blond or try a combination of different shades to achieve a more natural look.


5. Ofins

The discovery started last year, the peak will be the season 2018. Yes, the talk is about a plethora of cuts ofin which you definitely do not touch next. Longer, combed to the side, in the strand, straight, shorter or up to the eye - imagination simply does not limit.


This year's season, despite all the advice, will be especially fun in style, so put emphasis on your personal comfort and feeling. After all, this is the only truly universal and timeless advice.