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Although there is a general belief in men that fashion men are not as much interested in fashion as their tender counterparts, there is certainly one among them who cares about the contents of their wardrobe due to current trends. And even though you do not belong among them, perhaps you will find yourself looking at the closet that this year's fashion you go across without knowing it.


Leisure? Comfort and color.

The main trend in 2018 is undoubtedly bold colors and their combinations. If you have heard that yellow, red or orange is not a man, forget it. Do not be afraid of shimmering sweatshirts, t-shirts or shirts (or Hawaiian)!



Its location for sunbathing practically every year finds denim. Even this year, it is not different, but it is retreating from last year's trendy trousers and worsted wider and even cuts with the legs included. So you can pull out the "older" pieces, that they are a little dirty, definitely do not harm. As for footwear, cross the running shoes, shorts or chin pants, then choose slip-on shoes.


Even formal fashion is changing.

Although some conservatives would prefer to ban it, trends in social clothing are gradually changing and evolving.

You do not do either a classic or a favorite polo shirt with a laced collar and buttoned buttons, ideally without printing - you can also use it for a suit if they are color-coded with it.

The contrasting vertical stripes are on the rise, so do not be afraid to replace your one-color dark suit for more extravagant. For all the more formal outfits, the leather boots in brown shades are ideal.

The universal fashion accessory remains a watch. Becoming more widespread become smart watches, which are both very practical and can also be bought in both sporty and elegant designs.