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Ever end up dying to approach a lovely lady you saw at some place but you didn't have the slightest idea of how to do it and the nerve to try and attempt? Assuming this is the case, I can promise you this: Just the thought of attempting makes your heart to race and palms sweat. Guess what, it doesn't need to be that way. Sometimes, boys are ending up not approaching the women they like by any means, since they can't find the "right angle" or they're sitting tight for the "right moment," and that moment never comes.

Approaching girls is an art, but how to approach a girl isn't that you can come down to unmistakable bits, pieces, and learn-able and repeatable steps. However, it's a topic that is covered in a great deal of general, non specific guidance and scads of "Simply do this and the girl is yours!" Mentioned below are the 10 simplest tricks and tips to approach a woman.


1. Stop fearing rejection

Simple and straightforward: Your fear of rejection is your worst enemy, yet it generally doesn't happen. The truth of the matter is, a beautiful lady won't shout and run from you. She won't point out to her friends and chuckle. She won't turn into a beast from hell and chop you down.


2. Don’t ask her for phone number

When you know how to get a women's contact information, whatever remains of what it takes to "get the date" basically deals with itself. That is the reason; the initial step to turning into a Zen master with regards to getting women's numbers is to understand that you shouldn't be asking for her number by any means. Instead, you need to request their email. Yes, an Email! Most women will provide their email much more quickly and easily because they think of it as generally safe, simple and efficient. The best part is that once she's now keeping in touch with her email down for you, it's very easy to ask her for her contact number as she is grinding on email with you which take a lot of hassle.


3. Try the “Do you have a card” trick

On the off chance that you want to try something different, you can attempt this tasteful, classy and generally a safe-way to approach a girl for her contact info. Obviously, a lot of women don't have business cards, so you will require an funny, charming, smooth follow-up for when she says, "I don't have one." Try something like: "Well, make one for me, I'll wait..." Then, take out a pen and a piece of paper and hand it to her. In all probability, she'll be feeling the enjoyment of the moment and begin playing along. (Also, on the off chance that you have a card, you can simply impress the hell out of her by giving her yours.)


4. Act fast

Once a girl says, "Alright, you can have my email" (which is generally beyond any doubt), you should be prepared to act. Without fumbling or overlooking anything, you have to take out a pen and hand it to her. On the off chance that you haw or lag, she'll instantly notice "dork," and may be change her opinion. Here, you have to act fast, when she is writing her email for you just say 'you can write your name and phone number as well'. Because when she agrees on writing the email, she has committed to connect herself with you and she will probably write her phone number as well.


5. Be ready for anything

Obviously, there will be a couple of times that you'll meet with some resistance. A girl will say something as, "I don't give out my email to people I don't know," or "I don't know you," etc. When it happens, be prepared with a joke (my top pick: "Go ahead, simply write it. I'll just email you like every five minutes for the next 5 month") or be prepared to proceed onto the next girl.


6. Avoid being classified as a “friend” at all costs

When you act all shy and innocent in front of women, she will probably give out her email and phone number and for sure she is going to “friend-zone” you and everything ends here. Make sure to reach out to her with full confidence that will give the impression that you’re asking her for a date.


7. Practice - then practice more

Like the coach always said ‘The best offense if a good defense. And the best way to build one is to practice until its second nature. In easy words, don’t wait for the situation, instead, practice and say out loud what you’re going to say in front of her. Imagine how you’re going to stand there and how you’re going to hand out the pen to her. Say out loud what you’re going to say and imagine what she is going to say in response to your approach. Then, come up with some different ideas to make her say yes.


8. Have your act together

Don’t get me wrong on this thing, you don’t need to be like James bond but have your act together. Wear nice clothes, stand properly and talk nicely. Don’t wear anything trendy or flashy, wear something casual or formal.


9. Don't go for the goal line

This is the most important concept in approaching a woman. When you’re asking her for the email, don’t ask silly question like “Will you marry me? Do you have a boyfriend? Where would you like to go on a date?” These kinds of questions will annoy her and chances are that she will never give out her email. Get the email and take things very slow because the slow and steady win the race.


10. Make a fast exit

A golden rule, when you have her email, just stop right there and don’t prolong the conversation. You have her email and you can ask her whatever you want when she is comfortable talking to you. If you look to prolong the conversation she will make excuses to reject, and will change her mind. You took the email, now you’re done.