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How to get to know a man? If there was a clear answer and a universal guide to this question, surely women and girls of all ages would certainly pay for it. Still, there are a few simple tips to get to know your potential partner. We have written them for you in the following 6 points:


1. Go into the fit

Do you think that at the gym you only find the individuals who have steroid instead of the brain? So you're mistaken! Exercise in specialized fitness centers is becoming more and more common activity to work off successful men of different ages and professions after work, giving you a very diverse sample of potential partners. And even if the gym was not the place to discover the champion of your heart, at least you will strengthen the figure and clean your head.


2. Course for Beginners? Why not!

Cooking, shooting or tennis. The offer of courses for both beginners and advanced is almost inexhaustible nowadays. If you are really interested in something, your demand will most likely be heard. If you log in to your favorite activity course, you automatically get into a group of new, unknown people who have the same hobby. In such a group, it is easy to get acquainted with the feeling of embarrassment, and the primary address is purely the subject of the course, see: "And how did you picture it?" Or "How many spices have you blended into the mix?" And so on.


3. A woman in trouble or ask for help

Do you like the man walking in the obvious direction in the same direction or a sales assistant in the furniture store beside the station? In both cases, you have the perfect opportunity to make contact. While the master waiting at the public transport can be asked to ask if he's "already twenty," you can unknowingly describe the place of his future residence to a bathroom expert with a fake selection of tiles.


4. Who does not have Tinder as though he was not at all!

You will not make progress, it is said. And this is true even when getting acquainted. At the time of ubiquitous smartphones, the world has come to a whole new way of identifying other people, which slowly replaces the classic Internet dating sites as we have been accustomed to in the past twenty years. It's simple. You are installing a dating application (the most profiled and global is Tinder, but there are several more), you turn on GPS and your cell prefers profiles around pre-existing preferences by specifying gender, age, and distance from your current location. You scroll through the offered profiles with photos and descriptions either to the right (like) or to the left (do not like). If you are sympathetic to each other and you both support it with a "lady," the app automatically connects you to a shared chat. And if it ends up in writing, coffee or something else, it's only up to you.


5. Pull the stud behind your shoulders and sit down

Did you take a look at the bar or café and discover the man who apparently does not wait for anyone and only scrutinizes the situation? You have two options. Sit down and hope that he notices you and takes the courage, or take the fate into your hands and, under the imaginary pretense, you can sit down to him. Speak to the fact that you do not enjoy the pit / Gin Tonic yourself, you can always. And if it were the worst, there is an immortal phrase: "Do we know from somewhere?".


6. Do not be afraid to take the first step

Do you regularly meet in a corporate kitchen with your marketing manager? Or does it imply a guy from a logistics section? Either way, if you do not have a relationship with a colleague - even if you are distant - for a job, do not worry about starting a conversation. It is advisable to move the introductory themes to the given environment - a new coffee machine, a teambuilding approaching the mountains or a slow printer, which would have deserved the departure for a well-deserved rest.