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At first glance, she's a sympathetic person, by the side of which you'd like to spend the night at least. And what else? We'll see. But there is a problem. How amazing - which would have all the girls present in our bar in our eyes - effectively reach out and ideally between the strong competition? That is the question where the overwhelming majority of women would be willing to pay gold for a clear answer and universally applicable recipe for success. That's why we've prepared 7 tips for you to play on the first date, and it's a good idea to play it. Do you know how to behave in the presence of your idol and potential object and what, on the contrary, do you avoid?


1. Be yourself and do not rehearse

If they want to capture the dream of their dreamed princess, they do it differently. A common mistake is, however, being overpowered and playing on someone you are not. Although at the moment - especially in the bar, after a few red glasses - it seems like a great idea, do not blame yourself unnaturally with loud giggling or telling funny forums to your friends. Though it's hard, try to be yourself and behave as if no favorite was on the spot.


2. Do not push on the saw

If we look at point 1, do not overdo it with the lethargy. When you get a glimpse of your fellow with a sneaky eyelid, or you snuggle around to get the smell of your perfume and have a chance to look at you closely, you definitely will not get upset. At the same time, however, you will give him a clear signal that you are not impatient. And if you like it at least a bit and it's not forged stydlin, be sure to reach out and at least to have a drink.


3. Less is sometimes more

The third rule is related to speaking. In most cases, we are whipped. This is multiplying if we want to take some interest. We feel that we have to say as much as possible about our encounter or on the first date so that our counterpart knows us in detail. Believe, however, that less is sometimes more. And if you do not put it to the word, do not count with a positive reaction. Most men long for a pleasant dialogue, not a boring lecture.


4. Ex let your friend

When you want to hunt down on your ex-boyfriend and talk about everything he has ever done, let him take a girl ride with a friend. Someone who spends the first minutes and hours of your life is absolutely not interested in why you and Honza or Jirka broke up with a jerk. Conversely - you will show that the past is still unresolved and that you are still dealing with past wrongs.


5. "Do not worry"

Let yourself be invited or pay for yourself? That's what's going on here. If you are interested in inviting you to a drink in the bar, be sure to invite yourself. Besides, if you have more "rounds", you can pay back the invitation. And what about "higher investment" - understand lunch or dinner - to adapt to the situation. If you are on the first date, definitely do not take the invitation as a matter of course. Most boys and guys pull it for you, but if you at least indicate the intention to use your own wallet, you will not do anything wrong. You do not want to look like a gold medal, are you?


6. Take a look at it

"Six" is very closely related to Rule No. 3. Do not talk about yourself in the conversation, but take a look at it and its hobbies. Beware, however, that you will not slip out of the interrogation you are going to get out of this idol.


7. Drink with peace

All the above mentioned advice is based on the assumption of strict observance of the 7th, last. I intentionally write that you drink, but only with measure. Alcohol can show you a good service if it breaks down your tongue, reduces nervousness, and frees you all. But if you overdo it, the effect will be the opposite. No man - if he does not just have sex for one night - in the long run, he does not want a "helmet" at home who does not know when he has enough.