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The different queried question "5 tips how to met a woman?" Is one of the most sought after websites on the Internet. Not to do that, when this problem in almost every life stage meets almost every man. But the answers to it are all the worse, because women are known to be very inexplicable creatures. And yet they attract us so much. That's why we've prepared 5 tips for you to help you get to know the sexes.


1. Sincerity and immediacy as a solid foundation

Rule number one - be yourself. Whether you are applying for a classmate that you would like to rebuild your friendship in something more, a sexy colleague, or a random "kitty" in a bar, try not to mash up and not play on someone you are not. Keep in touch, speak honestly and save yourself. Instead, rather listen and concentrate on what the female counterpart tells you. Interestingly, a single male never lost anything to the woman. So if it was not entered. And if you're looking at a potential object of interest in a park or bus stop, do not worry about starting a call. However, avoid general weather phrases and be honest. Do you like her face? Eyes? Figure? If the girl or woman is interested in you, tell her. Women - although sometimes they do not know - love flattery. When you address her, you compliment her and you too will feel sympathy, you are likely to be in a longer talk.


2. Take a horse, park or bar

At home, no one has ever met a fat woman of her life. That's the unchanging truth. Get in and out between people, where you are likely to encounter counterparts of similar interests. Do you like to practice? Do not pick up dumb dumbbells at home, buy a pass and go to "iron up" between men and, of course, mainly women who work in their body. Reaching a woman who at first glance has similar opinions and attitudes like you is always easier. And it is not necessary to bind only to the fitness center premises. If you get a weight loss as a waste of time, do not despair. You can also go hunting in the park or, of course, in the bar, where the familiarity often makes alcohol easier. Two glasses to help you throw a stud and loose your tongue can actually help with wrapping the "prey", but drink with peace. Revolting drunks do not impress women.


3. Do not be afraid of Tinder and go with time

An interesting opportunity to get to know a woman also offers dating services for smart phones that work with your current GPS position, the most famous of which is called Tinder. You simply go down the street or sit in a café, and the application shows you the profiles of girls in the desired age range that the application has installed and are in the desired distance range. You move either to the right ("likes") or to the left ("do not like"). If you get the same positive feedback, the application will connect you yourself and offer you a common chat window where you can simply reach the lady. But watch "Hello, how are you?" Does not work. Go through her profile, think about it, and headlines, for example, about her hobbies or nice eyes that have taken your interest.


4. Laughter treats. And not only that

Every woman wants to laugh, have fun. So if any potential "prey" is addressed, do not be afraid to show your sense of humor. If you decide for a forum, tell it as always; keep up with what works for your friends and, of course, avoid vulgarity, jaggling jokes and unnecessary obscenities. If you are laughing a woman, you have a good chance of not seeing her last.


5. Fear your fear of failure

Important advice to conclude that you should always remember. Even the bigger Don Chuan occasionally walks alongside, and the attempt to address and then fold the beauty of that beauty ends with a fiasco. So it is. It is important not to do anything about it, and instead think about the reason you could learn about other women. Generally speaking, the more you walk among people and try to get acquainted (at the beginning, even "just" without side-intentions), the more you become obese and you will learn to respond to different types of women and their manifestations. As in school, tennis or any other competition, the old saying "Hard on the field, easy on the battlefield" is valid.