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1. Good positive energy

Good energy is for non-payment. But how do you get it or keep it? They have to hug you simply so men are willing to reach you or approach you. So, inflatedness, excessive self-confidence, and anger are just those features that men do not deny, rather avoid. Put your gear to smile, comfort, and maybe even a little shit. It does not mean, however, that you are only to be a small lolita, but also a more accessible femme fatale.


2. Smile

Smile, that's probably a chance to be transformed. In less than three seconds (three seconds !!!), men can subconsciously evaluate women as minimal to maximum sympathetic, attractive, cordial, and even intelligent only on the basis of whether they smile like Mona Lisa, Julia Roberts, or Morticia from Adams . Do not complain about the incorrectness of this unexpected judgment and smile. It was too dark but a lot. Happy = Uncomplicated (they think), and it's a bait like a fool!


3. Humor

It's more important than you think. Humor, many times, relieves different situations and definitely plays a leading role in getting acquainted. You do not have to be humorous or control the 100 best jokes, but rather to know humorously and perhaps even to respond in a pleasant way to humorous, humorous cues or sentences. The word pingpong is so interesting to many men that they can not imagine life without it - either in male or female society.


4. Interest

Show your ideal that you are interested, but do not be very active. Men are much more irritating to a certain degree of impatience and restraint, but even if we let them wait for a while.


5. Clothes

A woman is to be a woman, and her clothes should be made into a seductive whole. Many men appreciate it if the woman is sexy and elegant. If clothing reveals too much, it works cheaply, and on the other hand, men do not have to engage their imagination, which they like so much. Make them joyful to enjoy and dream about walking along their side in the tall boats.


6. Compliments

Compliments occupy but only in a mild form! If you put his paws on your shoulder for every stupid stupidity, you will lose his eyes in the respect. So just honest admiration, do not be laughed!


7. Indifference

It's not a more effective way of attracting men. That's when he feels like the only Superman on our planet that has to save you right away! And that's the fantastic feeling you will not miss. It does not matter whether it is a defect, unknown words from a crossword puzzle, a heavy purchase or another, a totally crazy situation where you need help. Female miscarriage is a magnet and a wonder the world, many such situations are the beginning of a promising relationship. Why?


8. Friends

Pay attention also to his friends. If you can make an impression on them, they will look at you with different eyes. Who would not want the baby he envies him?


9. Originality

Do you excel in sports, in the kitchen, at work or in another area? Surely you know what you are so good at, then show off! Show how you believe and where you can admire! Men hardly resist handy women who are in the car and in the carriage and know what they value. It is also true that because of your originality, you will also be able to teach him something that he can not control and he has not had anybody to devote it to. It's something he does not have, so he's looking for it. And you're a very nice bonus.


10. Do not play on someone you are not

You can not pretend for a long time, even if it is, in the end, a waste of time for both parties. Be what you are. Maybe just what you so harshly want to hide is to address the men of your dreams. Focus on someone who gets your real self. Only when you are natural, relaxed and therefore happy.