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The article I wrote from the perspective of women. I have been discussing this topic with my friends. And we have agreed on a few types of men whom we had the "honor" to recognize and we would not want to have such an encounter anymore. I prove, we are all home girls, we care for our perfect men, we cook, we do not iron, we are not constantly hysterical, we are just a normal baby. If, but you want a barbone who will listen to you, just go for a cup of coffee and get you out of the money, do not take this article into consideration. Also, girls are out of the ordinary.


1. Do not play it

No normal woman who wants a man to live does not want to have a jerk who plays for something he is not. You will be particularly interested in humility and modesty. Not by car, house, and money. The administrative woman can not be bought and will not be deceived by the tinsel. Do not try to get money and speech, but with boyfriends: open the door, remove the stool, help, dress the coat, take it to the theater, or hiking ... This makes real men.


2. Be honest

Do not be afraid or be trying to be perfect. Be honest and self-conscious about something that makes you a normal person. Do not play the demigod that you have no mistakes.


3. Live healthy

I'm not saying you have to have a bodybuilder or eat bio, raw, and so on. Just when you are a woman, you will show that you regularly practice and eat only fast food. Naturally, once and for all, no one kills anyone, but women do not want a man who died in a 50th heart attack.


4. Match it

Of course, I do not mean to get your wife in the totality of everything. But find the things she does, at least one that you will do with her. It will love you for that. Women love when a man spends time with them. For example, running, painting, gardening ... and so on. But be careful if you're cooking, do not try to crawl around the kitchen, rather sit down and wait for dinner, honoring exceptions.


5. Get involved

Ask her and her life. Especially when he or she starts to answer with either the present and listen. Do not ask questions such as: "How are you?" It is clear that you are only asking for the duty. Bite to think of something that makes it clear that he really takes you. For example: "What delighted you today ?; What did you find sad today ?, What did you give your energy today ?, What has the boss assigned to you today? "... etc.


6. Excursions

Blow her up for a lot of excursions and often. Although only in the next town / heritage. Women love the "wind in their hair", discover new things and places. Let them have something to remember and talk to their children.


7. Be Sensitive

Every man has a sensitive personality. Do not try to hide it. Do not think that you will fall in the eyes of a woman. Tell her what you really feel at the moment, without limit, without fear. It will make you more adored.


8. Jealousy

Exaggerated jealousy is a disease. We hate men who are jealous only when somebody gets drunk on us. Not that, even if you're jealous of our buddies and buddies. Are you a guy who keeps you busy every time you hear a beep or ring your phone? So it's very fast to change. You will not take that normal girl.


9. Aggression

Perhaps I do not even have to explain that they are very repellent by men who, in the slightest hint of conflict, raise their fists. Remember, it's embarrassing for us. You look unmanaged, and no woman wants a guy to raise.


10. Alcohol

Once a month you drink them all right. But every weekend in alcohol? Do not go out every night with beer in hand? No no no. It's disgusting. First, it smells from your mouth, I'm not saying you still want sex! It's like having a barrel of beer. Second, the character changes 360 degrees and can not stand with you. Therefore, if you need to drink after a busy day, you can go for wine glasses, I draw attention, after a small cup, not over the bottle. So they drink and they realize the men.