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Much of us, whether we are 15 or 45, is nervous from the first date with the person we like. We want to impress, but do not overdo it. We do not know how to look and talk. Not to look boring, creepy but not too crazy. Each of us has its shortcomings that he will try to hide. Everyone is unhappy with us. And that is why we have prepared a few basic tips for you to do and not to do at the first date.


1. Impression

First impression, first glance will tell you a lot about you and it is unrepeatable. Therefore, it is important to calm down and take courage. Because of a sweaty hand, a nervous look, or a stinging attitude, it will not do a good impression. The most important thing at first eye contact is a smile to show the other side that we are looking forward to it. The second thing is hand submission must be solid but not too much. If you are a man, you should kiss a woman on both faces. For women it's not good, it's good to wait until a man kisses you on his face.


2. Program and what are we going to do?

In most cases, a man develops a program and usually either go for a walk or sit somewhere for a coffee / drink. But women do not want to show their dominant side. Nowadays, a man appreciates if you design a program and do not leave everything on it. Even the first date may be atypical, you do not have to dock an enterprise in a drink (and if only alcohol with a degree). You can think of something much more interesting to partner with you. Suggest to him what you like doing if you like to go hiking take him to a peak or a place that you like if you like adrenaline try to design a free fall from the bridge. Go to the gallery or the museum. If you like to sport, take a skate or sit on a bicycle. First date does not have to be a boring session in a business.


3. Conversation

The thing that haunts many of us is that there is no embarrassing silence. There are basic topics that you should prefer to avoid as religion and politics. Tell what you care about what you love in your free time, where you live where you like to go. And last but not least, listen to the other side where you can make a good conversation. In 90% of cases you will find a common theme whether you work or a hobby.


4. Appearance and make-up

Here is an important rule, everything with peace. Men like if the woman's modified but not 5 layers of mejakap with red lipstick and very thick shadows, just no distinctive make-up. Men like nature. This is also true of clothes, fine dresses or blouses are certainly a good choice, but do not forget to comfort, dress up what you feel good about. But leave out the cuts and miniskirts, but you only take it to the point of calling you straight to the bed, but you do not count on the second date when you are only in bed. Well, women who like to be male are mainly shaved, fragrant and dressed. No ruffled gate t-shirt shots and maps under the arms.


5. Sincerity and Nature

Try not to get bored and be honest. Otherwise, you might be able to make up your mind in the future. Do not try to impress Urbi with something you do not actually do or do not. In any case, stay the one you either take it by, or leave it to be otherwise, then you will have to break through to the end of life, or surprise it with time, that you are not the person you started with at the beginning.


6. Farewell

The last point is farewell. What to do at the end of a date for women is often the question of whether to be taken home and whether to be kissed. Well, it all depends on how you felt during the date. If you liked and want to kiss you so you would kiss it otherwise you might think I'm dreaming you're out of the way you do not want to go. But if you really kiss him, you do not want to like it, just tell him and do not be shy. You can tell him that it was a really nice day / evening, but it's too early for the kiss to suggest that you could meet again and give the exact day to make sure that you still want to meet. In men, the opposite problem occurs or a woman kisses or not. The best thing to do is kiss a woman on both faces and say goodbye that it was a beautiful day and would like to repeat it. The first date is only the first. But if you are eager and want to really kiss a woman try it and see another option here does not exist, of course, think before the date was running and if it would pass. Yet most women do not like kissing on their first date. If you see a woman that she was excited about you and liked her day so you can try it.