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When it comes to infidelity, most people are the first to be associated with the masculine version. When the "bitch" gets married, she begets children and, together with her wife, builds a backdrop at first sight of a perfect home, while her physical needs go to a lover. However, it is necessary to realize that even women are not holy and unbelief in their submissions is definitely not unusual today. Although it occurs for different reasons than men, as well as the characters it manifests, it differs greatly, it simply exists. And in a great deal. Below we have prepared a list of 5 tips on how to know the infidelity of a woman.


1. Blik mood

Moodiness in women is not an unusual phenomenon. No doubt about it. Some ladies are more out of nature, some less. Almost all of the major fluctuations occur after menstruation. Like the "women's days", the overwhelming majority of the gentle sex spectrum also has a situation where people have a "butter on the head". Women, at the moment when they are unfaithful and afraid of the embarrassment of this embarrassment, are either extremely nice or terribly disagreeable. While the first-mentioned position signifies the remorse of conscience and the attempt to eliminate the fact that it has once or repeatedly "started", the adverse mood is based on internal anxiety and uncontrollable stress. In such a case, a woman refuses to spend her time and behavior with her husband or a permanent partner, without giving her explanations.


2. Not interested in discussing a common future

Men are often preemptively pushed into "upgrading" the relationship, in other words "nesting"; common housing, marriage, and the vision of a common future in general. The opposite is the case for women who do not want to talk about the future of the future, and the maximum is for them to plan a summer vacation a month in advance. In this case, the woman in you case does not seem to think you as a potential life partner in the long run. And because he is still trying to look for "something better". So if your partner is building a common future in the same way, be careful.


3. Password-protected phone and nervous click

Previously, you had a relationship of absolute trust. The phones were lying side by side on the desk, no password, and when you needed to call or write SMS from her cell phone, it was no problem. However, the situation has changed. The phone is newly provided with an entry code, it is hidden in a handbag, and in extreme cases your lovely ones wear it for example in the toilet or in the bathroom after shower time. It is obvious that something is wrong. So, if you have a similar turn around in your household, do not hesitate and talk about it at least - of course at rest - with your (perhaps still) expensive half. Rationally, without immediate blame. It's hard, but it is.


4. Sudden change of "facade"

You should be alert even if your partner from one day to the next, without any known planning, strikes you in a significant way. For example, it changes the hairstyle, stylized the wardrobe or begins to paint unusually. Women are unpredictable and, of course, in this case, we can work with the variant that you are the unconscious initiator of this transformation. Your partner wants to take you, to awaken old passion in you or just want to feel good and feel good. Beware, however, that it is not for someone else.


5. New hobby that is in conflict with personality

Tennis? "Just a soulless slap in an attempt to hit the yellow nonsense. I know a million better ways to spend free time, "was the opinion of your loved ones about sport, which in the Czech Republic is currently celebrating celebrities such as Tomáš Berdych, Radek Štěpánek, Karolína Plíšková or Petra Kvitová. Suddenly, a brand new rocket rests on the shoe and your partner fades three times a week to "get on". The question remains whether simply - as we have been accustomed to by women - has changed the view of what has been said before, or because of her perversion invested in learning new sport, is her new idol, who loves tennis, and she is trying to adapt to her with him actively spending leisure time. In any case, you will not be spoiled if you go out with the aim of "tapping" with her and blinking the way things really are.