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Every woman occasionally worries questions that she is shy about or who she does not have to choose. Here are some questions and answers to the most common questions.


1. A woman can have, several kinds of orgasms - what are they?

Yes it's right. Specifically, they are two types: the vaginal so-called internal and the clitoral so-called external. The affluent reaches out of us, irritating the clitoris. Vaginal can be achieved by irritating the G-spot, but orgasm will reach a very small percentage of women.


2. How to rejuvenate sexual life?

Stop thinking about unnecessary, insignificant details during sex and use it to the full. Forget about folds, cellulite, or small breasts. Men do not notice these things absolutely. All she wants is to have a confident woman in bed who knows what she's doing.


3. What position do men prefer?

Most men agree that the best positions are so-called "hobbies" and back. In one position, women must submit to the man, and in the other they are dominant. Managing these two positions loves men.


4. How many sexual partners is it just?

It also depends on age. But many experts agree that the number of about five is OK. But nowadays number 10 is no longer unusual.


5. Does every man want anal intercourse, and do you swallow?

That's a question, like, does every man like pungent food? No, every man is different. Unfortunately, most respondents answer, yes. These things are expected by women, and men have a lot of pornography. But whether or not yours want it, you can simply find out that you ask for it.


6. I like peesing, fetish, ... am weird?

No, you are not. Everybody excites something different, we are unique. But even with these practices, it is not necessary to cross the border. There is a thin line between excitement and aggression.


7. If I have too much sex, will I be very stretched?

On the contrary, training is avoided by this effect. Portions and aging also cause loosening of the pelvic floor muscles. Regular sex only helps to alleviate this phenomenon and your vagina will become stronger.


8. How long does a female orgasm last?

It takes about 20 seconds. Interestingly, according to some expert findings, up to 60% of women only pretend to orgasm and 10% fail to do so, they are called anorgasmic. Most gentle sex can only culminate with a partner he knows and loves - few can enjoy it during random one-time sex.


9. Can I get pregnant with oral sex?

No. Sperm are small and wise and can get through various obstacles, but also big organs such as heart and lung, I can not do it. So they will not get to the egg.


10. How can I eliminate strange sounds while loving?

The strange sound of loving can be hidden all over. Certain sounds are caused by your natural lubricant, apparently we all know the exudation of the air from the vagina and nothing unusual is not even the actual discharge of the intake air - let's call it a total level of fatigue. If you wanted to eliminate these audible effects, you would have to really control and monitor which muscle you are closing and releasing. It is advisable to choose positions where you do not like sounds like this, but it is a certain limitation. Be aware that the random body sounds to your beloved are and prove that you are relaxed and just given one thing at a time.